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This website has been created in order to promote and publicise information regarding Darroch Secondary School. The idea of an independent website was first mooted following the successful Reunion in *September 2010.

Much of the information and archive material was passed on to me by Angela Lancashire and George Matthews who were largely responsible for instigating the 1st Reunion in 1992 and subsequent events up until 2001. (see the Timeline in 'About Us') Other information has been gleaned from various sources which are in the public domain.

At the launching of this website the database of former pupils who had indicated an interest in promoting the old school numbered around 250 former pupils. If you, as a former pupil, are interested in joining us, please send me your details via the ‘Contact Us’ Page.

Many of the individuals in the photographs have still to be identified and your help in this area would be much appreciated. Also if you have any group/class photographs or other items of memorabilia and are willing to have them included on the website please get in touch. If you can send them as an email attachment so much the better but if you prefer to send them by post I will scan and return them within a few days.

The next full school reunion is planned for Spring 2020 and details will be sent to all database members in due course as will updates to the current website.

David McBain 1953-1957