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Teachers  M to Z

 Mr. Mackay (Maths)

I remember the Maths teacher Mr. Mackay. He was a fair and sound teacher who loved to talk about current changes. i.e. decimalisation and the dimensions of the new Forth Road Bridge; he had all the car lanes laid out in the playground.  He also suggested that we should save pennies as decimalisation would make them worth more.  He didn't think that new pennies would be minted.

David King. 1960 - 1963

 Mr. Mallinson (Science) 

Photo Circa 1949/50

The One Eyed Gunner.  So called because he wore a black eye patch over his left eye.  On our first day in the science class he wrote some biology data on the blackboard, told the class to learn it, then left the room.  When he returned some time later, he wiped the board clean and asked various members of the class to repeat what they had memorised.  Anyone who couldn’t do so was taken out for a ‘two hander’.  We all became brilliant learners after that.

David McBain 1953 - 57

The One Eyed Gunner.  A great teacher &storyteller.

William Cockburn 1959 - 62

The One Eyed Gunner.  He was our science teacher. Demonstrated the heat from his strap as it hit the bench, and never had to take it out of the drawer again.  I loved the metal work class. I was the only boy in first year to carry the anvil around the room All that farm work during the war years?

Donald Veale 1943 - 1946

Mrs Munnoch (Maths)

She was a maths teacher and left before me to teach in a private school but she was always very professional and a thoroughly good teacher.

Janette (Jan) Mosedale  nee Haggart 1961 - 64

Mr Munro

(and Mr Canon)  I don't know what I would have done without these two teachers. Does anyone else remember them coming in at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give extra help for "O" Level exam preparation?  Thanks guys where ever you are.

William Gillies 1964 - 67

Mr. Murray (R.I.)

Photo Circa 1949/50

( Mousie Murray ) taught Religious Instruction.  Got his name because he was small and thin with a small black moustache and looked like a Wee Mouse.

Ron Gargaro  1954 - 57

John McColl (English)

You got the belt if you forgot your English book but he always said how sorry he was to do it but that was his rule.

Kate Wilson  1959 - 62

Came to Darroch as a student teacher in the mid 1950's.  A well known accomplished amateur actor, he Directed all the school operettas and musicals from 1957 and played for one night in Chu Chin Chow when one of the leading actors was unable to appear.

David McBain 1953 - 57

Mr. McDonald (Maths)

My maths teacher.  His nick-name was Daddy McDonald

William Cockburn 1959 - 62

Dr. Norman (Science)

(Science)  We take something special from every teacher worth his or her salt.  Dr. Norman taught us never to accept anything at face value.  He taught us that any statement should bear examination as was the case in Science.  He would often simply say "Prove it."  We in turn, tried to turn the table by asking him to prove a statement -- he never let us down.  I'm still a sceptic in most of the important issues which affect my life thanks to him.

James Kay 1955 - 58

Mr Ramsey (Science)

Teacher who I think moved on to Tynecastle.  My favourite memory is the construction of a hot air balloon in the Science class and setting it off in the playground.  Up it rose into the air, the meths soaked cotton wool still burning when it settled on the roof and continued to burn. Much to the surprise of all concerned the building didn't burn down!

David Millan 1957 - 60

Miss Roskowa. (English)

My favourite teacher.  She taught History, Geography, and English.  She stood no nonsense and I got a few ‘double handers’ from her on one occasion.  Never again

William Cockburn 1959 - 62

A small smartly dressed tartar of a woman with a very wide leather strap which she was not afraid to use.  An excellent teacher of English, Geography and History.  Made us take copious notes, particularly during History lessons - a practice which was to stand me in good stead in later professions.  Well respected and somewhat feared, she certainly knew how to control a class of unruly teenagers.  I will always be grateful to her for the thorough grounding in English Grammar where we learned to parse not only sentences, but single words.  Even now I can amaze my Grand-children with the amount of descriptive information I can give about a single word.  They don't make them like that anymore.

James Kay 1955 - 58

She was the best teacher I had and taught me English, for which I am eternally grateful.  She moved on to James Gillespie's and re-named herself Mrs Rosco.

Margaret Hill 1959 - 62

One good memory is my English, History and Geography teacher, Mrs Rozgova.  She was strict, but she was so intelligent about what was going on, and also what was in store for the future.

John Clark    1949 - 52

Miss Margaret Rosie (Commercial)

What can I say about Miss Rosie?  She was probably one of the biggest influences in my life. She taught me basically from the day I started Darroch to the day I left.  One of the things that stands out is that she always went the extra mile for us.  I remember that when we had shorthand tests coming up, she would stay late or have a bunch of us over to her house on Lanark Road and study with us for hours until she was sure we had it down.  I've never come across another teacher with quite so much dedication. We communicated for a little while after I left School but when I emigrated to Canada we just lost touch (one of my biggest regrets).  She was wonderful!

Lesley Allan nee Ramsay  1969 - 72

Principal Teacher of Commercial Subjects.  Taught at Darroch for more than 39 years until the school became part of Boroughmuir under the reorganisation of education in central Edinburgh.  One of her pupils was Sean Connery and another was Edna Henretty who at 18 worked for sometime for the Scottish office in Whitehall, later went to America and worked for the film star John Wayne before marrying and settling down in Los Angeles

David Millan 1957 - 60

Mr Smith (Smithy) Geography

During WW II  he mentioned that he was a tank driver in the British Army.

Stewart Fizia 1965 - 1969

Mrs. Stewart (Maths)

Math's teacher who I remember giving me the belt for throwing a shoe out the window.  I also remember lunch being served in the science rooms and the smell which was awful.
I also remember being taken to the canal to learn how to canoe and hating it.

Sally Sandford 1970 - 74

Mr Thorburn (French)

Teacher of French (and discipline).  Kept his belt over his shoulder under his jacket.  Not a teacher to get on the wrong side of!

Sandy Cameron 1963

Mr Thorburn would pull his belt from under his jacket Throw it at you and it always landed on your desk and then he would say Bring that to me.

 Marilyn Marino

Mr Thorburn was my French Teacher and very rarely spoke English in class except to explain something or tell you off.  A la page huit. That has stuck in my mind forever!
I remember having to learn a poem and feeling very proud that I was the only one who knew it - that was until he asked me to stand beside him and recite it and I froze!  He said, ‘Go back to your seat madam you will work in a Chocolate Factory'.

Patricia McGreevy 1962 - 65


Miss Walker  (Lady Advisor)

"Lady Advisor" and a wonderful compassionate lady who I must admit I was sent to on more than one occasion!
The one that stands out for me is when I was sent by this poor relief teacher when I had bitten "haggis" in the thigh and did not loosen my grip until I was forced to.  It was a week after my Dad had died , she understood my pain gave me a cuppa and a hug. Thank you Mrs Walker

Sheona Mccreath nee Kidd 1969 - 71

 I recall when I shaved off my eyebrows (was fashion then) and pencilled them on. When I got to school the next day Miss Walker called me to her office and made me scrub my face till all my make up had gone.  I didn't half get stick when I returned to class with no eyebrows!  Another time I got caught smoking in the toilets and she took my packet of cigs - 10 No6 - and broke them all in half an threw them in the bin – that was a weeks pocket money! - and I still smoke.  I was pretty scared of Miss Walker but I'm sure she was a lovely person really.

Alison Lowther - 1971

Mrs. Young  (English)

She taught English and braved taking the whole class to the Kings Theatre to see 'A Midsummer's Night Dream'.  Two of the actors were in our class for the duration of the play in Edinburgh.  That was a great introduction to seeing plays as opposed the awful reading aloud in class. I thought she was a great teacher 

Elaine Christie 1960 - 62