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Mrs Barr

I remember Jackie Hendry being asked to come out for the belt. When Jackie put his hand out and up, Mrs. Barr being about 4' l0" and Jackie being in the 6'2" region, poor Mrs. Barr couldn't reach. Such fun.

Elizabeth Parkes nee Kydd. 1961 – 65

   Kenny Boxer (P.E.)

He took my class for PE at the Army drill hall in Gilmour Place.  He was also a Rugby Referee and a Linesman at Scottish Internationals at Murrayfield.  His favourite weapon of torture was a very thick table tennis bat which he would give a fair skelp on the bum with. He also took out the school transit with the canoes on top for adventure days. It was Mr. Boxer who got me into rugby in my first year at Darroch and I never looked back.

Gordon Moore - 1965 - 68

He was the keeper of the Canoes that we built at the schools and used on the canal.

Bill King. 1964-68

Bertie Brydon

Mr Brydon was probably one of the most influential teachers I had at Darroch. He was a one off and scared the shells off even the hardest nuts but I was one of the fortunate who saw behind the "gown". He later married the Boroughmuir school secretary. Thank you Mr Brydon for giving me many wonderful hours that I have spent engrossed in a book!

Sheona Mccreath nee Kidd 1969 – 71

Known as Bertie Brydon. This gentleman always wore a black gown and marched rather than walked in a very important manner. I lived in fear of being "sent" to him, which indeed I was for some misdemeanour. I stood quaking in my boots awaiting the wrath of God, and all he said was "Mrs Gieban is a very nice lady, she doesn’t need you to behave badly, it does upset her so, now run along!"

Lesley Hirstwood – nee Palmer 1969-71

Mr Cannon (Geography)

Geography. You had to colour horizontally, he was paranoid about it.

Brian Morris 1968 – 71

(& Mr Munro) I don't know what I would have done without these two teachers. Does anyone else remember them coming in at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give extra help for "O" Level exam preparation.  Thanks guys wherever you are.

William Gillies 1964 - 67

I got sent off at soccer for tackling too hard (the poor guy I tackled was taken off in an ambulance).  Monday morning sitting in Henry Hall's (music) another pupil came in and said Mr. Cannon would like to see Eddie Gordon.  When I arrived at Mr. Cannon's he told me to wait outside,.  Eventually I was asked in and he was blowing the **** out of me; going on about how I was the first pupil to be sent off in 3 years.  Then he stopped, looked me straight in the eye and said, “in fact your brother John was the last pupil to be sent off”.  I think I spent most of the day standing outside his classroom after that.

Eddie Gordon.  1964 - 67

 I remember him giving me lines because he caught me emptying Donald McLean’s bag all over the floor.  In fact I can even remember what I had to write.  "In future I must not empty the contents of other people’s bags". I had to do it 500 times.  The rest of the class helped me as they didn't think it was fair as I was not the only one.  The next day he never even looked at them but just ripped them up and put them in the bin.  Even after that I still thought he was a pretty good and fair teacher

Edith Reynolds nee Pow.  1964 - 66

Jimmy Cannon was my English teacher in first year.  He confiscated my toy Transistor Radio.  When you pressed the "on" button the front swung open and a snakey thing flew out.  I was not playing with it in class but had it sitting on my desk.  I never did get it back!!

Linda Rose.  1962 - 66

Mr Cranston (Woodwork)

I remember he and some of the pupils built a small yacht in the top floor of the woodwork block and it had to be lowered out of the window.  The P.E teacher Mr Boxer took us out in it a couple of  times.

Bill King. 1964-68

Mr Czcernak (Modern Studies)

A Modern Studies teacher who also was a wizard at chess. He was Polish I think and had witnessed things in his childhood a child should not have during the German occupation.  I am told he died a few years ago.  A gentleman.

Sheona Mccreath nee Kidd 1969 - 71

His stories of what happened to his family during WWII still stick with me to this day.

Scot Wallace.  1969 - 72

A dream of a man and a teacher.  I found his conversations about his war experiences fascinating.  He barely touched on these in class time but as I got to know him he was a bit more forthcoming.  He loved teaching - especially pupils who wanted to learn.  He would always warn a pupil before belting them, saying in a lovely accent 'shall I use a more tangible method.'  His belt had three tongues on it I remember.

Douglas J A Roxburgh M.B.E  1972 - 73

Mr Forbes (Metal Work)

He came with us on the Uganda cruise in 68.  I remember he was rather good and kept quiet when one of my colleagues in the same cabin over indulged a bit on the local brew when we were in Tarragona.

Bill King 1964 - 68

Miss Fotheringham

Does anyone remember Miss Fotheringham?  She was a really good teacher.  Her classes were fun and she was one of the new laid back kind of teachers.  I wonder what she is doing now?

Kim Sado nee McKillop 1969 – 74

Miss Fuller (Music)

Fanny Fuller, a great teacher and pianist.        

Lesley Hirstwood – nee Palmer 1969-71

When we were filing into class she would play Russ Conway hits on the plano.

David Bendelow 1959 - 61

Mrs. Gieban (English)

Who could forget Mrs. Gaynor Sinclair Hamilton Gieban?  I don't remember much of the lessons we had with her for English, but I do recall the great pride she had in her daughter.  Duchess.

Lesley Hirstwood – nee Palmer 1969-71

Mr Gardener (Maths)

I had Mr Gardener for maths.  He was a big fearful man with thick red hair and a bushy red beard and he was always shouting at us.  I used to get the belt from him every single class!  I never learned any maths!

Alison Lowther - 1971

Mrs (Grannie) Granger

She was a very imposing teacher and reminded me of the Russian lady in an old James Bond film with a spike that came out of her shoe, but when you got to know her a bit better she was anything but that.

Douglas J A Roxburgh M.B.E  1972 - 73

Mr Grunberg

I was president of the chess club started by Mr. Gruneberg.  What amazed me at the time was the best players and those who attended regularly were the pupils from James Clark's. All that wasted talent. One pupil in particular was a real chess genius, it was the only time I remember him being settled, not breaking windows or squaring up to other pupils and teachers.

Douglas J A Roxburgh M.B.E  1972 - 73

Andrew L B Hall (Music)

Picture Circa 1949/50

Known throughout his years at the school as 'Henry Hall' after the famous bandleader.  He gave me and many others a lifelong interest in music and drama.  I kept in touch with him long after leaving school and he tutored me through dozens of musical auditions.  Suffered from a form of narcolepsy.(involuntarily falling sleep), which many people, including pupils, misunderstood.  Andrew Hall died a few years ago.

David McBain 1953 - 57

Music teacher.  Taught me to play 3 tunes on the double base for a school concert. Started my interest in Gilbert & Sullivan.

David Millan 1957 – 60

I played for Mr Henry Hall in the school band.  We went round the Royal Infirmary at Christmas playing carols.

Alexander Paterson 1958 - 61

Harry Hampton

Anybody remember the day he asked me to clear up paint with meths?. He left the class and left us to carry on with it. Somebody mentioned that it would be quicker if we set alight to it! - not a good idea.  Trying to stamp out a burning meths cloth!  I can still hear Pat Brodie laughing as I tried to throw it into the sink, missed and set paper alight.  Talk about a ‘Carry On’ film! Of course when Harry came back in he noticed nothing.

Stuart Mcdonald  1974

Robin Harper  

I remember Mr. Harper playing Streets of London to us on his guitar. We all preferred this to doing lessons anytime!  (Now Robin Harper. MSP.)

Morag Montgomery 1972

Mr Heatley (Technical Drawing)

For techie drawing (fearsome with a belt)

Brian Morris 1968 – 71

Miss Hill

With her long blond hair, short skirts and sense of fun, we used to give her sweets and sit at her desk and never got any lessons done, great times.

Brian Morris 1968 – 71

Mr. A E Kennedy (Headmaster)

Headmaster and a disciplinarian, but he was a gentleman.  He used to take our homework books in periodically, and check & sign them.

William Cockburn 1959 - 62

Disliked music and put a stop to the annual school operettas and concerts for which I could never forgive him.

David McBain 1953 - 57

Miss Leckie (Lady Advisor)

When I first went to ‘Canal Academy’. Miss Leckie used to make us girls kneel to see if our skirts were too short. I used to wear a knee length one then would roll it up to become a mini once I’d passed her landing.

 Caroline McCartney 1964

Most of the teachers were really strict.  I had a few sessions of the belt from Miss Leckie.  Refused to take it one time and was sent to Mr Thorburn, who agreed with me that it wasn’t justified.

Marion McLaren 1956 - 60.