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Note the cared for appearance of Ian Mathie's certificate compared with the unkempt appearance of my own.  'Could do better'!  









1960 Certificate donated by David Millan







My certificate has been 'cleaned up' electronically as it was badly marked and stained.  Perhaps indicating the value I placed on it.  Maybe the examiners were getting there own back on me in longhand as they couldn't even spell my name correctly!














The photograph of Medal on the left was generously donated by Rev John Keddie



Swimming Certificate donated by David Atkinson.  Bronze Medallion by myself with yet again my surname spelled incorrectly.
















The School colours donated by Rev John Keddie



The Lino Cut photograph kindly donated by Elaine Manion.


The photograph of the shoehorn kindly donated by Erik Crichton.

Awards & Certificates

The Burns Federation

1949 Burns Certificate 1950 Burns Certificate
The Burns Federation awarded certificates for 'Excellence in Scottish Literature and also 'Excellence in Recitation.

Certificates of Merit

Examples from two
very obviously
clever individuals
1948 - 1949   1948 - 1949
  And another from 1960  

Report Cards

Report Cards were looked upon with dread by the majority of individuals.  My own Report Cards, mercifully no longer exist.  All that I can recall from them is the well-worn phrase, 'Could do better'.

Both the Report Cards below are reproduced with the full permission of the owners.

1948 - 1949 1958 - 1959

Shorthand Certificates  

Fifty words per minute is the absolute minimum requirement and how I managed to achieve even that level is a minor miracle.  P, B, T, D, etc.   A better result by my classmate Robert Muat, both with his qualification and the condition of his certificate!


Leaving Certificate

Front Reverse 1964

An example of the Leaving Certificate which was 'awarded' to pupils in 1956.  It was really of little value and in my experience has never been asked for or even mentioned by any employer.  The reverse shows some of the subjects covered but with no indication of the standards - or not - achieved.  
The 1964 Certificate donated by Alex Anderson is slightly more comperhensive but probably of no more use than its earlier counterpart.   


The Language Dux Gold Medal


1965 Swimming Certificate 1955 Bronze Medallion  

There were - at least in the 1950's - six swimming certificates available. 
Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Life Saving Course Certificates were awarded by the Edinburgh Corporation Education Committee.
Following on from the ECEC, Elementary and Intermediate Certificates were awarded by The Royal Life Saving Society, culminating in the award of a Bronze Medallion for Advanced Life Saving.

Darroch pupils were fortunate in being able to use Bruntsfield School swimming baths which were relatively close at hand.  Many of the pupils at Darroch had of course come from Bruntsfield Primary. 

Physical Education

Weight  Putt Certificate awarded to David Millan in 1958.

The School Colours

The School Colours for Cricket and Rugby

Lino Print