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There is also mention of a school song in an article which appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News (1981) * (See Pupils - Sean Connery) written by Journalist and ex pupil Craigie Veitch. In the article he describes the song as being entitled ‘Hail Darroch!’ which includes the line ‘Darroch’s ways are honest ways




The Building

Boys Entrance Girls Entrance

According to *RCAHMS the left hand sculpture, towards the boys entrance, depicts 'Industry' whereas the right hand sculpture, towards the girls entrance, depicts 'Education'.


Darroch School was built in 1908 but was originally called Gilmore Place Primary School.  However in 1928 the Education Committee decided to convert the school into a three year secondary school to be named after the late chairman of the committee, Professor Darroch, and was retitled Darroch Intermediate School.  A couple of years later in 1932 it was renamed as Darroch Technical and Commercial School.  By the time I attended in the 1950’s it was called Darroch Junior Secondary School and when it eventually closed in the early 1970’s the title had been truncated to Darroch Secondary School.


In the early 1960’s Darroch was chosen by the Scottish Education Department to launch an experimental course in Modern Studies which is a subject widely taught today over 50 years later.
owever it was not until 1970 that pupils were able to stay on for a 5th year in order to sit Highers.  Previous to this anyone wishing to take Highers had to transfer to either Boroughmuir or Tynecastle.


Darroch School Song

The oak leaf is a symbol of strength and loyalty,
We boys and girls of Darroch will wear it steadfastly,
To work our hardest, play our best will always be our aim,
And we will strive, to keep alive,
The trust in Darroch's name.

For those of us who leave now, to start our new careers,
A promise we are making, to keep us through the years,
To work our hardest, try our best will always be our aim,
But we will strive, to keep alive,
The trust in Darroch's name.

The Houses

 There were four houses with the following colours.

Gilmore Home Leven Melville

School Reunions

The first reunion was organised by George Matthews and Angela Lancashire in the Mount Royal Hotel in July 1992,where 46 people attended. Thereafter due to publicity in the local press, subsequent reunions increased in popularity and numbers, until by 2001 over 400 former pupils were listed on the members database.

Shortly after the 6th reunion in 2001, George Matthews moved from Edinburgh to the Borders. Consequently he was no longer in a position to take an active part in the organisation and things fell into abeyance.

In 2010 I decided to 'take the bull by the horns' and organise a similar venture towards the end of that year. Having obtained the previous list of names and addresses from George, I contacted as many names as practicable and around 60 former pupils had a very enjoyable evening in Lothianburn Golf Club in September 2010.

The obvious enthusiasm shown at Lothianburn encouraged me to organise a further reunion in 2011 with the numbers increasing to around 90.

The database is regularly updated to include all those interested in future news and activities. Hopefully this website will help to reach many more former pupils and encourage them to join our ranks.

Reunion Timeline

28.07.1992         1st Reunion.     Mount Royal Hotel.

02.03.1993         2nd Reunion.     Mount Royal Hotel.

21.06.1993         3rd Reunion.     Mount Royal Hotel

20 10 1994         4th Reunion.     Mount Royal Hotel.

23.09.1996         5th Reunion.     Mount Royal Hotel.

24.09.2001         6th Reunion. Queen Charlotte Rooms, Leith.

10. 09.2010        7th Reunion. Lothianburn Golf Club.

05.05.2011         8th Reunion. Gorgie Mills Bowling Club.

11.05.2012        9th Reunion.  Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

10.05.2013        10th Reunion.  Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

09.05.14            11th Reunion    Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

08.05.15            12th Reunion    Gorgie Mills Bowling Club                   

06.05.16            13th Reunion    Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

05.05.17           14th Reunion     Merlin Road House

11.05.18           15th Reunion    Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

10.05.19            16th Reunion    Gorgie Mills Bowling Club

The next full school reunion is planned for Spring 2020 and details will be sent to all database members in due course as will updates to the current website.