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* At that time entitled Gilmore Place Primary.  See 'About Us'.












c1918/19 and c1920 class photographs courtesy of  John Gordon and feature his uncle, James Cope who died age 10 in 1920.

1919/20 class photograph courtesy Living Memories.


The School Staff Photograph was sent in many years ago by the wife of Science Teacher Sydney Stephen


1900 - 1949

The photographs on this page are taken from the years 1900 to 1949. Due to the plethora of class photographs from the years 1947/48 it has been necessary to split the school year archive into two sections.  (see also 1950-1973).

If anyone can identify any of the pupils or teachers please contact me.  In addition if you have any school or school related photographs please let me know and will be happy to copy and include them in this archive.  Please give the unmarried names of any ladies included as that is the name that most former pupils will recognise.  Most of the photographs hereunder have been numbered so just quote the number on the relevant photograph.

The main school intake was in August but there was also a March intake which is indicated in the following photographs by the suffix M.  The various courses are identified by the following letters.

Technical Commercial Domestic General Language Modified
T C D G L Mod

Most classes encompassed two or more courses.  E.G. My own class - 3TC - were kept together for the basics of English, Maths, etc., but split when the majority of the boys went to the Technical subjects of Woodwork, Metalwork etc.  The girls together with a small number of boys went to the Commercial classes such as Shorthand and Typing.  (I went with the girls - no fool me)!

The earliest pupil recorded in the archive is James McKenzie who was admitted to *Darroch in 1907 at the age of 6. 

1900 - 1910

1907 James McKenzie 1 1907 James McKenzie letter

James is pictured here together with a letter which he received from the Deputy Headmaster.           

1915 - 1920

The above programme which was donated by John Gordon (see sidebar) belonged to his mother, Eva Cope, whose name is annotated on the inner page


1930 -1940

1929 Staff 1932 Prize Certificate
1929/35 Staff   1934/35 Rugby 15


1934 Class 1936 Miss Burnetts Class 1936 3rd Year
1934/37 - Class 1936 - Class 1936 - 3rd Year


1940 - 1949

1942 - 'Brides' class

1945 3C 1945 Class
1945 -3C 1945 - ?
1946 - 2C   1946 - 3T

1947-1D M 1947-1G M 1947-1mod M 1947-1TC M 1947-1TCD M
1947-1G 1947-1Mod 1947-1TC 1947-1TCD 1947-1TD
1947-2CM 1947-2 Mod M 1947-2TCD M
1947-2CD 1947-2Mod 1947-2T1 1947-2T2
  1947-2T3 1947-2TC M  
1947-3C M 1947-3T1 1947-3T class
1947-4TCD M  Playground Rounders 

1947 - Science Class 1948-49 Hockey Team


1949-1G M  1949 - 1TCD
1949 - Staff Outing Staff Outing - 1949 Staff Football Team 1949
The School Flat.  5 Leamington Terrace.